Makers in Print | 2013


An essay from the catalogue / print publication for Makers In Print – the international exhibition on the SGC International Printmaking Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2013.


Makers in Print features the work of artists from South Africa, South Korea and Mexico. Coordinating curators from these countries have selected artists whose work demonstrates a range of innovative techniques and meaningful approaches to this time-honored genre. Exhibiting artists from South Africa: Paul Edmunds, Paul Emmanuel, William Kentridge, David Koloane, Terry Kurgan and Chloe Reid. From South Korea: Sanggon Chung, Young-Hun Kim, Oh Shin Kwon, Shin Sujin, Sang-Mi Yoo. From Mexico, portfolios from three print workshops. Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68, Mquina Binaria Ediciones, and Artistas Veracruzan os Bajo la Ceiba will be exhibited. MIAD Layton Gallery has a partner exhibition of works by artists from Argentina, China, and Poland.


Diversity and Complexity in South African Printmaking | Wilhelm van Rensburg

Makers in Print Catalogue


Makers in Print