Context | Michaelis Galleries | 2012


Curated by Fabian Saptouw, Context draws together artists who use the book-object as a conceptual point of departure for the exploration of the printed text. The artists’ projects engage the history, value and institutional importance afforded to the book-object. The works on display grapple with the materiality and influence of the idea of the book and the way the notion of the book is related to artistic practice. 

Traditional approaches to the production and preservation of books will be artistically explored through loans from public and private collections, including the UCT Rare Books library. Other pieces on display include book-printing equipment such as movable type and printer’s quoins, which will be exhibited alongside the art of prominent and emerging artists.

Participating artists include: Fritha Langerman, Colin Richards, Pippa Skotnes, Phillip Raath, Chloe Reid, James King, Tanya Barben, Morne Visagie and Fabian Saptouw


etching series I

etching series I